The Adventures of Stew and B-Bone

Let me introduce you to a couple of crazy guys I met named Stew and B-Bone. We'll leave the circumstances around their being here a mystery for now, but suffice to say that they've moved in with me, and they've promised me a pretty eventful summer.

Disc Golf on the Mountain (05/29/2013)

With Spring well under way, our two adventurers, Stew and B-bone, have decided to engage in a riveting game disc golf on Boyne Mountain.

First things first! Time to train! However, depsite the best efforts of a profession instructor, more often than not, it was the frisbees who managed to throw Stew and B-bone into the basket, rather than the other way around.

No matter! We're ready to start, and the first hole is on top of the mountain. Real men will walk up the mountain to get a nice workout in beforehand. Real babies will be pushed up in a stroller. Weak and whiney women will take the chairlift. Stew and B-bone took the chairlift.

Regardless of how lazily they got there, they did make it to the first hole.

There were epic battles fought, unbelievable putts made... but... none of them by Stew or B-bone. So... I won't be showing any of those pictures to avoid utter humiliation.

Unfortunately, we had to end the game early due to a random bear mauling.

WHEW! What a day! Finally, as is well deserved, our pair of pals treat themselves to a nice soak in the hot tub to heal mind, body, and ego.

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