The Adventures of Stew and B-Bone

Let me introduce you to a couple of crazy guys I met named Stew and B-Bone. We'll leave the circumstances around their being here a mystery for now, but suffice to say that they've moved in with me, and they've promised me a pretty eventful summer.

Plowing the Field (06/22/2013)

Ever since Snowden's abolished any pretenses, Obama's been interupting Stew and B-bone's phone calls at the most inconvenient times. Take today, for example. Today they were going to start off on the most amazing adventure you ever have or ever will see in your life. They were on the phone working out the details, when Obama cuts in: "Excuse me, I was just here listening, and I couldn't help but notice that you two were planning some frivilous activities. Yeah... I'm afraid I'm going to have to veto that. There are cars in this country that need fuel, and our sources are running low. So you're going to have to plant some soy beans today, instead". Far-be-it from likely that our heroes would let down our great country, so they immediately dropped everything they were doing, fired up the tractor, and started plowing!

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